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Program Goals

Students participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing nutritious, seasonal produce. Classroom teachers integrate food systems concepts into the core curriculum.


Guiding Principles

Participatory: Engage children in hands-on lessons that connect food, health and the environment.

Integrated: The program is weaved into the academic curriculum, linking to studies in history, math, science and the humanities.

Shared: Opportunities for children to share a family-style meal together with teachers and adult volunteers.



Students learn about the connection between everyday food choices and the health of the community, the environment, and themselves. These lessons foster sound nutritional practice, responsible food choices, and environmental stewardship. As a learning environment, students are provided with:

  • A social space where they can engage in positive interactions with adults, role models and peers.
  • An opportunity to interact with the nature.
  • Learning experiences that link to and extend classroom curriculum.